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Are Award Submissions Worth the Trouble?

I've seen it happen both ways. Too many awards, or too many of the wrong awards, and everything starts to feel like background noise. And really, has anyone truly ever been attracted to join a company who just won a spot on the Random magazine "hot 100" list? Not likely. So why do we put so much energy into applying for these awards? Are we really that validated by having our website recognized by a previously unknown design firm across the country? Do we need our campaign or content or martech stack to be crowned the best when there's absolutely no impact on revenue?

I'm not saying yet or no, exactly. Morale matters, and sometimes rewarding the team for a job well done--even if you can't trace it directly to revenue--is important.

YOU get an award! And YOU get an award!

But I'd argue that a true company award--something from Inc. or Forbes or Deloitte or Fast Company is a better marker of where you're going, and what type of environment you're working in. And maybe it's more local, like the regional tech or business pub that has a "fastest growing" companies--those can matter, and help you attract and retain your teams.

But just don't be under the illusion that a crowded trophy case is going to automatically unlock pipeline or increase employee retention. It actually might mask other issues that your executive team doesn't want to face. More than once I've heard a senior executive remark "how can our attrition be so high--we won the local business up and coming workplaces awards!" It's not about the awards. But I think you already knew that. It's about your culture. So use the awards you apply for carefully and make sure they're worth the trouble and effort.

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