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Back to School

Our son's spring break was extended by a day this year so that teachers could meet today to get their heads around how to administer the remainder of the school year since we're all at home right now.

It's a big task, and I dont envy them--they've been thrown into a situation where their job is to provide individual attention, to foster a sense of community and belonging, and to be on the look-out for when one of their students needs some extra help. Now, with just a virtual Zoom call to see everyone for just a few minutes a day they're having to remake their entire approach, style, and desired outcomes.

Our job is the same in the marketing world right now. We're used be being able to go out and see our customers and hear directly from them. Used to working side by side with our friends and colleagues--dropping in and grabbing a coffee or lunch to catch up or go over the slides for the big meeting--and none of that is part of our reality right now.

The party's over--almost...

Whatever it is for you, go back to how you got here, to what made you successful, to the basics. Go back to school and reteach yourself the fundamentals with this new lens so that you can be ready to make the most of your next phase as well.

School is coming back in session soon!

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