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Brand Drives Demand

Using marketing data to make decisions is part of what we all do today, and for successful CMO's, not knowing the key drivers of your pipeline, conversions, and opportunities is a sure ticket to the unemployment line.

But none of that data is going to yield the results you're looking for if you haven't invested in making sure people know who you are, can find you, and know what you stand for. And that's where brand is still at the center of what needs to matter to a marketer.

Recognize any of these?

Consumers--whether they're the "C" of the B2C or the "B" or the B2B have lots of options. They are bombarded with messages and offers and emails.

Do you stand out? Are you sure?

If not, it means that your marketing investments may need to be recalibrated. Maybe to search, maybe to content, maybe to your website. But it's not to another dashboard if people can't pick out your brand from all the others.

Don't forget brand!

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