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Customers ALWAYS for the Win

Sometimes your best marketing ideas don't come from podcasts or conference, let alone the CEO or random ops person who secretly wants to join your team. If you're not sure about your next campaign or tagline or whatever differentiates you, do yourself a favor and go visit a customer.

Sit with them. Watch them use your product. Ask them questions about what is working for them and what isn't.

This past weekend I was at a customer conference and the best thing happened. One of our users stopped by our booth and had a laundry list of things she wanted to see fixed in the system. Rather than keep writing down what she was saying, we invited her to log-in right there and to show us what she was speaking about.

King or Queen, either one, really...

So she did--and the next 10 minutes were amazing. We saw in real-time the issues she had and what she needed to help make her job easier. The product manager was taking pictures on his camera, the CSM was recording her narrative--and I was taking notes furiously on some of the key benefits that this change would bring to her and her business.

I don't know exactly how much time and effort we saved in those 10 minutes, but I know it was a ton--and guess what, her features went to the top of the list and they're going to start getting addressed in the next release coming out in November.

The customer is the best source of any marketing, any product, any insight--we hit gold this weekend.

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