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Cut it in Half

Whatever ABM program you're running, I bet there are 2x the number of tactics your team can actually execute really well against.

Whatever campaign email you're writing, I bet you could say twice as much in almost half the space if you really worked on each word.

Whatever task you're thinking you need 4 people to do, you could actually accomplish with yourself rolling up your sleeves and 1-2 other people.

Don't tempt me...

Not every time, but most times.

We overcompensate for the inefficiences in our processes. That creates overhead and cost, and actually slows things down. Too often we try for the A-level result when the delta between B+ and A- is not discernable to our audience, but does end up costing us way more time, money, and resources (which are money) than we need to use.

So pare it back--keep it cleaner, teach to the test. And do the work. You'll be surprised how much faster you can work, and how much better the result is if you cut it in half.

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