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Don't Be Afraid to Hit the Reset Button

This crisis has impacted all of us in very different ways. Whether you're emerging intact financially or looking for a new opportunity, whether you're now a permanently remote employee or heading back into the office (at least part time) we're doing to all have to adjust.

Which should be a reason to put everything on the table--no sacred cows as the saying goes. Maybe you were a certain type of marketer before all of this--but what do you want to do and be after all of this? Do you feel like stepping right back into your former life, or is has this time away awakened a passion or thought that you had stamped out previously.

Wherever you find yourself it's important to know that this time will never pass this way again. The next time we're al forced indoors will be vastly different--either through its length, severity, or the outcomes. So now is the time, if you've been thinking about it, to really think about it. If there were no constraints, what you you like to do? There will be all sorts of new jobs, careers, and opportunities that come up from this change. Maybe working at home gives you time to start-up your own blog or find time to get involved with a cause. Maybe you find something closer to home so you can ensure you continue to spend time with your kids (or conversely, maybe you need more space, I know I do!). Maybe now's the time to make the lateral move and start something new.

You know you want to.

It's daunting to see the button in front of you, not knowing if you should push it. I say go for it, do it afraid, and see where it leads you. You're already on a journey into the unknown--what could possible be weirder or more unexpected than what you've just gone through?

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