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Effective Control

In the "be careful what you wish for" category, most times I've never seen anyone--including myself--pass on taking on a new team or a new organization to bring them under your umbrella. After all, more people = more prestige and accountability, and more of a chance to prove to the board and others that you're a valued leader on the team.

And hopefully all of those things are indeed true.

But I'd like to make a case for actually *not* taking on a new person or team. Passing on adding 1,3 5, 20 new people just for the sake of building your empire or inflating the org chart. Instead, I'm increasingly learning the value of effective control of teams--where I'm acting more in an advisory role or playing a part in the overall mission and success of the team (leading to success for us all, let's hope) while not taking on any of the administrative or managerial burden of the new organization.

That may come in time, thay may come when the boss gives me the nod, and I'll be ready for it when it does, and yes, my ego will likely be pleased. But until that time I find that effectively controling and managing a team and process allows me to add my value and expertise where I can, but still maintain my focus on the team I actually am responsible for.

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