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Finding the Immediate Revenue Streams

As we all get back to work in the coming weeks and join the battle in full, there's going to be an inherent tug between the short term and the long term tasks that CEO's are going to ask of their marketing teams. Some of these may be vanity related, like a "we're open for business" campaign that announces to your customers that you're all back to work, others may be more substantive in nature and be related to growing long term demand.

Coming to board meeting near you...

Our jobs as marketers are to ensure we get alignment on the priorities of the business and find the areas where we can make an immediate impact. Long term strategies are important, and should not be ignored. But in the first 90 days back marketing will be put to the test and our contribution will be very black and white. Where there was little to no demand, is there now a lot more demand? For the prospects that were showing some intent and visiting our website, are they consuming more of our content or trading info for access? And how busy are our SDR's now vs. before?

Knowing what the priorities for the business are and how you can make an immediate impact is critical to showing your worth and getting your team back on their feet. Make sure you know the goals from the board and the executive team; make sure you can measure those goals as well as your contribution to them, and make sure they reflect an immediate impact to help the business fully come back.

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