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If it's not a "Hell Yes!" it's a "Hell No!"

A lot of our jobs are about making choices. As marketing leaders we're often asked to keep taking on more projects. And actually it's not usually a situation of being asked--it's far more about just getting something given to us or dumped on our plate with the expectation that we'll get to it.

Now to me that's fair game. After all we're paid to make the problem go away. These challenges are "features" of our roles, not "bugs" as the saying goes.

But it's the other types of projects that really can sink you--the ones where you think you need to step in and help out a friend. The ones where they really could use a re-write as you don't like how the email campaign turned out. The ones where know you could help out and it would be a good thing for the company if you did.

At the fork in the road, take it.

Be careful about this group of requests. Know that ultimately the incremental and additional credit you're going to get by inserting yourself into somone elses work or project is going to likely be super low. In fact, you may end up not only with a ton of extra work, but also catching grief from your boss on why you're not getting to what he or she dumped on your plate. Priorities!

So make sure before you take the plunge, you're in for the long haul and you want to see the finished product. Make sure you won't regret your decision by the time you drive home that evening. Make sure you're not signing up for something that you didn't really want to but no one else did so you raised your hand. Just say no to doing those projects.

Everything is a choice--make sure the ones you get to make result in you doing things that you love to do and that bring meaning to you, your career, your soul. Everything else can wait.

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