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Keeping your team together when you're apart

Easy things to do during a pandemic or really just any time to be a great CMO and leader:

1. Have more regular meetings than when you're all together--you really cannot overcommunicate

2. As stated in the last post, assume good intent. Not everyone's email etiquette is the same

3. Don't respond to emails right away. Let them marinate and sit and wait for a calm moment to respond

4. Schedule more 1:1's than normal--even for people that you speak to regularly, check in daily--chat, Slack, emails--gasp--PHONE CALL--just to ensure they're doing OK

5. Give yourself some time as well--step away from the desk, breathe, and get outside (in this time--alone!)

6. Ensure your team is aligned throughout the week--start a stand-up if you haven't yet done that

7. Hold people accountable even when you can't see them--deadlines are great motivators

8. Be ready to pitch in and help however you can

9. Give the team the praise--overpraise even!

10. Learn from this experience--you'll come out of it more emphathetic, a better listener, and a stronger communicator if you do it the right way.

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