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Pay to Make the Problem Go Away

My good friend Pat Morrissey taught me that phrase many years ago--I think he was referring to me hiring a professional plumber instead of trying to fix a leaky pipe (he was right, of course), but we gradually started to incorporate it in our business language as well.

Having lived in the start-up world for some time, I appreciate as much as anyone the need to roll-up your sleeves and get the work done yourself. I've also worked at huge companies where, at the snap of your finger, another agency can be hired to do the work.

The key, as with all things, and as the great Kenny Rogers famously intoned, is knowing when to hold and when to fold.

A few weeks ago, furious at how my football team was playing, I sat down at my computer and started writing--and writing, and writing, and writing. 5 ebooks later I felt elated--a pure high (even though my team got destroyed). And I thought--if I did this for the next 8 weekends my top of funnel content would be set for 2020.

These I would keep...

But guess what--the following weekend was my wife's birthday; and then there were the millions of leaves that needed to be raked before the rains came. You know the rest of the story--life took over. I pushed out a couple of books but my heart wasn't in it and they need a ton of editing.

This morning I got up early and resolved to write a book before work. I got 50 words in and realized the tank was empty. Rather than pushing on, I'm calling my content agency today and getting them set-up--I need my energy elsewhere.

One of the keys to being a great leader and a successful marketer, is first to listen to your body and what your mind is telling you; and two, knowing which path--the hold or the fold--will get you to your goal faster.

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