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Pick up a Book!

Bill Gates wrote in LinkedIn today that "whenever I want to understand something better, I pick up a book." Now--if one of the most brilliant men and leaders of our generation feels like he can still learn, there's got to be something that we, as marketers can still learn as well.

"Books" is a broader term today for a lot of us--for me it's often podcasts on the way to of from work. It could be a webinar that I attend during lunch or on-demand. Maybe it's a breakfast that I find time to attend to hear an interesting speaker, or a CMO dinner that brings together divergent leaders and companies to talk about issues of the day.

Not afraid to keep learning!

And then, when I make myself do it, digging into a good book can be a revelation--the ability to read over and over again a concept or theme until it lands, the lightbulb that goes off when a concept hits home. Or seeing an example that I know I can apply to my own team.

As marketing leaders we're often challenged to do it all--marketing is this amorphous thing these days that seems to have its tentacles, and it's accountability, in everything. One way to ensure that you can "stay" on top of everything is to read and learn--never ever stop.

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