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Sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself

At different points of my career I've had the luxury (and the pleasure) to work with a host of agencies and contractors that have made me a project manager on my own team. It's often been a dream to have others do the work that I (or my team) would have had to do.

But as my career has advanced, despite my belief that anytime you can go faster and fill-in with a skill that you or your team do not possess you should do it, I find myself more and more doing the task myself. I don't mean some fancy graphic or web dev work. But writing, content, scripts, case studies, messaging, positioning. It's faster, easier, and certainly more economical if I can do it myself. I learn the business faster. I exercise my brain in different ways. I sweat and toil and procrastinate and save a bunch of money--and it feels great.

You looking at me???

It's not for everytime, but certainly sometimes, rather than preparing a whole briefing document and paying thousands of dollars for something I'm likely going to have to end up editing anyway, now I'll just throw on my noise cancelling headphones and turn up the music and get to it.

And it feels awesome when you come out on the other side of the project. The sense of ownership, of completion, of authorship is exciting and fuels my passion to keep getting better. I bet it will do the same for you as well!

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