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Strip Away all the Crap in your Marketing

Spring is the perfect time to do some cleaning--around the house, in the yard, in your closet. It's also a great time to do it for your marketing as well. Unsubscribe to some of those podcasts you never listen to or email lists for which you never click. Set a limit of review cycles and get out of the never-ending muck of trying to wordsmith down to the actual word. Ship something!

The first few months of any new year for a marketer are packed with recovering after year-end, finalizing and then starting to use budgets, sales kick-off prep and attendance--and then performance review season follows quickly behind.

Now's the time...

And when things get hectic we tend to lose our focus and get caught up in the rat race and all the freneticism of hitting Q1 goals.

So be sure to find some time to take a deep breath and look at what matters, what is working that you can impact, what is not that you can strip away and focus.

It will not only help you finish the first quarter strong, but set you up for a strong start on April 1st as well--do it now before the CFO comes after the budget in Q2!

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