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Take Care of your People

No matter what happens, as a leader it's our job to ensure that we go last and our people go first. Whether it's giving them the credit--even maybe more than they deserve--on a project vs. taking for yourself or going the extra mile to see that they land the next job, you'll be known far more in your career by how your people rate you than you will in getting ahead.

Ultimately if you're talented you'll get to the water level you're supposed to. Some people do it a bit faster, others a bit slower, but we all get there. But *how* you get there is really the key. Are you climbing over everyone on your way to the top? Or are you bringing people along with you and setting them up for their success.

It's a small and fragile ecosystem we all operate in. Every industry is relationship-driven. And your reputation follows you wherever you go. Make sure that as you get to where you're going that you take care of your people along the way.

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