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Take the "B" and Live on to Fight Another Day

There's certainly compelling evidence to focus on stopping to smell the roses and taking time to rest, replenish, and find your mojo as a marketer. Whether that's daily, weekly, whatever works for you. And taking time to do a great job in whatever part of marketing you work in is super important--it's your career, your passion, your paycheck. We all want to be great and produce great work.

But there's another take out there that would say that as important as doing something "great" is, it more important to do a lot of things "good" to be a successful marketer today. My friend and co-18Squared partner Anthony characterizes it this way, saying that he's not a "great" writer but a "fast" writer. And I think that's the right attitude to have.

Really not needed all the time...

First off, we rarely have the luxury to do everything at a "great" level. The time doesn't permit it, our resources or budget don't permit it, or we're not even sure what "great" is. But even more importantly, we should make sure and level-set as to the expectations of what the other side wants. Are they "expecting" great? Will they "appreciate" great? If not, we're actually overdelivering.

This isn't to say we should settle for mediocrity. I'm well aware of the old adage that says that "A" players higher other "A" players, while "B" players hire "C" and "D" player. I get it. But sometimes it's OK to do a good job and move onto the next thing. Sometimes the work is really just a checklist of "stuff" that you need to deliver to move the ball down the field or get to the point where you "can" do great work.

Sometimes it's OK to take the "B" and not keep perfecting the thing until it's an "A." The key is knowing when that time is!

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