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The Closing Kick

I was at the gym this morning on the elliptical machine and my legs felt like rubber. I tried to do some pushups and couldn't hit half of my normal count. I finally realized I've been overdoing it at the gym and wasn't going to be productive until I took a break.

The same thing is happening mentally as well. The energy I had even a month ago is starting to wane, as I think about holiday logistics and vacations and getting ready for a huge launch in January.

Get ready to take that baton!

The key for any strong leader--marketer or otherwise--is to know when to pull back a bit at this time of the year in order to close strong. Gone are the days where the business shuts down in early December. We all have lead goals to meet and business to close. Much of it starting on December 26th.

So find the time in the next few weeks to store up some final energy--physically and mentally--to close strong. You'll find that the new year starts on a great note, and that your team is focused as well if you have the right level of energy and drive to lead them!

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