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Trust me, it's been tried before...

And that's no reason to try it again. Or try it your way. Or try it now, under new or different conditions. The old Mark Twaid adage saying "there are no new ideas" certainly rings true in marketing.

Our long national nightmare is over...

But it also holds true that it doesn't take too much to make a well-worn idea or product into something new and exciting. That's innovation. Think of all the new tchotchke's (had to look that one up) that you get at trade shows today. Certainly there can't be anything new and exciting to give away--and then BAM, the fidget spinner takes the conference season by storm and your kids need 100 of them.

Sometimes as marketers we spend too much time on originality--we want that viral hit that makes us stand out from the crowd. But often times all it takes is a solid idea and the ability to apply some new angle or idea or approach to it and your marketing will come alive.

Want to start a podcast or a YouTube channel? Start one--just because there are millions of them out there doesn't mean you shouldn't. But don't start one for the sake of it. Find the nugget of the original idea and drive it home and make it new and refreshing and unique to you and your brand and customers.

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