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Virtual Help in the Real World

There's certainly a strange disconnection between beautiful spring weather, working at home, and then seeing all the loss and distruction in jobs and the economy around you. I walk the dog in the morning and night and it's so quiet, so peaceful--how does that fit in with the carnage that I read about, hear about, and am experiencing during the day. I think that it's silent is so different than the past.

And now everything is virtual--primarily because almost everything is closed or we're all stuck at home. But what about when things start to open up in the coming weeks? What returns to normal? Travel? Visits to customers? Conferences? Almost all surely no.

What about the office environment? Taking prospects to a sporting event? Group lunches?

Probably not for some time.

It's OK, I'm here to help!

OK so as marketers our job is to adapt. And hopefully you're taking this time to gameplan out ideas and scenarios on how to rebuild your team, your pipeline, and your overall engagement with customers in a wholly new and different way right now. And especially if you were dependent on a lot of outbound marketing channels to get people interested. As people head to work no one is going to want to answer the phone and start buying things, let alone give a testimonial or reference--they're going to be too busy trying to put the pieces back of their own lives and businesses.

So how can we help them? And how can we do it in a low-touch way that doesn't bother them but let's them know we're the right partner for them when they're ready for what we have to offer. How do we help them recover while we're trying to do the same?

What piece of content or offer or value-added product can you have ready to meet them in the moment when they get back to work? A lot of my friends are not only thinking about how to save their jobs and keep motivated, but how they start to come out of this and what that looks like from afar, instead of face to face. It's the right time for you to be thinking of that as well!

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