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Your Tired Team

On the one hand, you have the prospect that the economy may open again in the coming weeks (as it's already started to do in pockets around the country). On the other hand, most kids are out of school and most offices remain closed. It's a strange half-life right now as we're not in the thick of this crisis anymore but we're also not out of the woods.

One thing to keep on top of right now, especially now, is team health. It's a critical component to measure as a leader during the best of times, but these days it's become the #1 thing to pay attention to. We're all tired from the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of these past few months. And while we can and should point to new initiatives and opportunities that should be energizing, it's likely that at least some people on your team don't have it in them right now to be motivated or interested in moving forward.

Hold all my calls.

Again, in normal circumtances that's something to not only be aware of but to manage. But right now it's important to acknowledge it from the outset and adjust plans accordingly based on what your team can bear.

It's going to be different for different people based on different circumstances--and being able to meet your team where they are today, to allow them the time to come back to full-speed, and to be able to cover for those who are worn out is perhaps the most critical leadership trait and talent that will need to be on display in the coming months.

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