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Vanguard Award Terms & Conditions

Awards should be fun. We’re organizing this to add positivity to the world, but our lawyers (and a bit of common sense) say that we should still add a few thoughts to the terms and conditions. So, here we go:

The Marketing Vanguard Awards (the “Awards”) is organized by 18squared Marketing, LLC, United States of America.

Except where indicated otherwise all copyright and other rights that subsist in the home page and in the sub-domain pages of the website (“the Site”) are owned by 18squared Marketing.

General Information

The competition is open to all those willing to submit their work according to the Awards for work created / published / led between January 1, 2020 and the date the nomination is submitted.

ENTRIES may be made by individual practitioners or organizations submitting their own work, and there is no entry fee. Any student, or any member of the public whose work has not been professionally commissioned or published, may also enter for free if they consider themselves marketers.

All work must be submitted through the 18squared website in narrative form, no attachments will be accepted.


Entries will not be accepted via email or other channels.

Personal data including email addresses and names will be retained, and submitting your nomination is your consent for 18squared to contact you for marketing purposes. You have the right to unsubscribe from the list at anytime, without penalty against your awards nomination.


Entries & Prizes

These dates may be subject to change but upon launch the timeline is:

  • Entries open October 8, 2020

  • Deadline for entries is 23:59 (PDT) November 20, 2020 using the online form.

  • Winners will be judged and decided at the sole discretion of 18squared employees and announced on December 4, 2020.

The following prizes will be available:

  • A write-up of the recipients and their achievements on the 18squared blog.

  • Social media promotion on LinkedIn from the 18squared page.

  • No cash awards will be given.

  • The prizes are not transferable.

Full terms and conditions apply, by entering the awards you agree to accept them and our privacy policy.


Responsibility for materials submitted

Any individual submitting an Entry in the competition is responsible for the legality, originality and copyright of the work submitted in his/her name.

By submitting your work on the website, you are not allowed to upload and distribute any document which is confidential, defamatory, obscene, breaking personal privacy regulations, infringing copyright and intellectual property rights, violating legal rights of any party or proprietary to a brand, an individual or a company (except you, the person submitting the work in his/her name).


We reserve the right to delete any offending material and remove the entries from the Awards.

Any individual submitting his/her work through the website form cannot use false contact information details or identifying details, impersonating any person in order to mislead the awards jury. 


All entries submitted will not be returned in any format.

For any information regarding entry process, submitting your work, awards, timing or any technical issues regarding the website, please contact us.


Winners may, but might not, be contacted before announcements on the 18squared website or 18squared LinkedIn page.

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