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Do you really need “the next” marketing tool?

Everyone in marketing discipline today is being inundated with vendor emails--literally, two and three emails a day regularly come in touting the missing link to my martech stack.

Then there's the ABM plays--chocolates, mugs, candy, cupcakes, wine--you name it, the vendors keep pouring it on, trying to get me (and I'm sure, you as well) to engage.

Most of it is unfortunately, not needed. While there are outstanding technologies everywhere, and what works for one company might not work for other, I'd challenge you to think hard about the key technology you need to get the job done, and then hit the pause button.

This slide stresses me out...

There's an inclination to want to "stack-up" and get all the tools so that you're armed to the hilt--to run marketing, to do marketing, to optimize marketing. But too often you can get distracted and bogged down by the implementation challenges, the data issues, the training, and then, the outputs. What are you actually gaining?

So focus on the basics, wait, and see what is missing from your stack. I'll bet you'll end up saying "not much."

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