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Learning Season is Here

I think the concept of continuous learning is a sound one--on paper. Sure, we should always be trying to learn and get better, to improve our "craft" and hone our skills. That is a constant of high performers and people who aspire and want to be successful.

But as leaders it's also important to recognize the different seasons of life that you are in personally, and that your team may be in as well. Just as the biblical saying tells us that there's a time "for everything under the sun," so too do we go in and out of learning modes, times where we can't wait to listen to the next podcast or go to that next conference, and other times where a conference is the absolute last thing we need--we just need to get crap done.

I'm more of an Autumn guy, but that's just me.

For leaders, I'd argue that now is actually a great time to take stock of what others are doing, and to get into a learning posture. As we head back to the office or out of our houses, listening to podcasts, interacting with others in person, and attending conferences and speeches will again open us up to best practices, great ideas, campaigns, and messaging that we've not been as privvy to as we've all been holed up in our home offices.

This is an ideal time to be testing and learning from what others are trying. So many of us are going to be activating new ideas that it's going to provide a great feedback loop in your networks, on LinkedIn, and in your teams to share what is happening and to learn from one another.

At some point it will be the time to take those learnings and put them to use--but that's another season. For now, it's time to start learning again.

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