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Do It Afraid

We've all been there--staring into the abyss of a huge decision, knowing we need to jump, start, call, write, hit send--you name it--but unwilling to take that first step.

Speaking as a marketer who's faced this decision point hundreds of times, I know it never gets easier, and the same fears of failure, of doubt, and of paralysis are always going to be there. Whether it's a career change or whether it's launching a risky campaign, the feeling is the same.

It's also the same on the other side of the decision--relief and confidence in yourself. Even if things don't turn out the way you wanted, having taken a chance, having gone for it, having faced your fears--those are all great things for leaders to have experienced. Not only for the confidence it can give you, but in the experience it provides you with your team.

Because they'll have to do the same thing in their careers--and while there's no substitute for doing something yourself, the empathy, the insights, and the support you can provide will make you a better leader and gain more trust with your team.

Life is too short to play it safe--sometimes the opportunity is there but you've got to go get it. And to get it, you will need to face your fear and doing it afraid!

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