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Let's Begin Again

You've probably had your teacher say that to you or your class a hundred times when they need a reset on what they were saying. The same thing, ironically, can apply to your career as well.

This COVID quarter and a half has yielded a never-ending Linked-In parade of contacts, friends of contacts, and people who my contacts have commented on talking about their own predicament and having to start over. It sucks. It happens. And then you begin again.

MUCH easier said that done. Much easier to write about than do (take my word for it!). But you don't quit, you have faith and confidence in who you are, in what you know to be true, and the people who you know who will have your back. And then you begin again.

Life is pretty much just a circle--the old Harry Chapin song said it best--so beginning again isn't anything new. That doesn't make it easier, but in this time period it can make it more meaningful. Using this time to define your priorities, find new ambition, and hone your talents and skills to learn from new and exciting practitioners and get skilled up into trying something new.

Figuring out a new path and beginning again--it's scary, it's terrifying, and if you've done it, it's also the most thrilling thing to experience. Let's begin again.

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