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The New Normal

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I'm not sure what that is for you and your team, but increasingly it's becoming obvious that whatever we previously thought we were temporarily transitioning to has morphed into a semi-permanent state of whatever.

As a leader that presents us with an opportunity but of course, also some huge challenges of how we think about team, culture, morale, accountability, and of course, results.

Many of my friends and colleages that I talk to right now are all realizing (as I am) that we're in for some radical adjustments as we use our offices for occasional meetings and social gatherings instead of sitting side by side on card tables and open plan offices. They're starting to invest in new tools and technology not only to stay connected, but to stay accountable as well, whether that's to manage projects and deliverables, sprints and kanban boards, or to showcase work and accomplishments.

Ensuring that the team stays together, stays focused, and stays engaged as many of us move to a WFH-centric style will be hugely important to your team achieving its goals this year. The temptation to switch to a new WFH job will be too great, and more so, too easy, if your team doesn't feel united and on their front foot.

And just when we have the physical work environment firing on all cylinders, it's time to think about the new challenges of staffing and budgeting. I can't think of another time in my career when there was as much scrutiny on a company's return on marketing investment (ROMI). That's why concepts like lean marketing, which outsources many traditional functions of the team, can be helpful in providing flexibility and agility to budgets.

Before it would have been easy to think of ways to do all this--when we could do it in person. Now your goal is to figure out how to do it apart in our new normal.

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