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Be an Operator, not just a Manager

Too often in marketing we get caught in our silos and think about leads, brand, and events, and rightfully so, concentrate on the metrics that the board evaluates you on.

But the most successful CMO's are not only able to run an effective team, but think about the business as a whole and act not just as a marketing manager, but as a company operator.

Operators take the strategic view, and work across teams and projects, not just on their own. They view the human capital and resources on their teams as resources not just for them, but to help fulfill the company's mission.

Hello? London Calling...

They also are invited in to run projects and oversee initiatives that are not necessarily their own. They are able to leverage their expertise, relationships, and results into cross-functional efforts that help achieve big things--market share, EBITDA, ARR. Not just leads, MQL's and SAL's.

If you're stuck in the latter group, think about what it will take to be in the former group. If you're not seen as being able to be in the former group, talk to your CEO on why that is. CMO's are senior executives. Senior executives are operators. If you're not an operator there's something missing and you need to figure out what and why that exists.

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