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...But Don't Take the Bait

I wrote a post just earlier called "Take the Help" which focused on the need to not always do everything yourself.

On the flipside of that--somewhat at least--is the plea to not take the bait. And I have enough times, believe me.

Taking the bait means being defensive when the CEO questions your numbers, your approach, your design.

It means trying to prove you know more than the board member who *sounds* like they're talking down to you but really just sharing their knowledge.

It means not responding to an email right away--even though your ego knows it merits an immediate response.

It means assuming the person on your team or colleague is not right when, if you truly heard them out, they might be--and buying into a narrative or myth that either you created or heard about.

It means making sure people know you were the brains behind the operation, not your team.

It means staying mad or estranged from people in your org or your team who someday may have an impact on your results or even your employment

It means gossiping when you think it will never get back to the person--it does, somehow.

It means feeling superior after you put so and so in their place (how dare they question you as the CMO) but really others are turned off by your aggressiveness.

I feel like I could keep writing for hours. Most of these are mistakes I've made. Others I've been on the receiving end of. All of them lead nowhere and none of them are important enough to stake your career on.

If you need to, do what I do--put a post-it in your planner or on your screen to remind yourself--don't take the bait. Do take a breath--and do take the help. And then, and only then, take action.

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