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Don't be Afraid to Cull the Herd

Hopefully you've had the blissful feeling at least at one point in your career where you have exactly the right team in place--everyone is where they need to be, you have your A players, your supporting staff, everyone is aligned, everyone wants to participate in the team building event--everyone is just engaged and on side.

And then reality hits--and maybe the reality is that the ideal or idea that you ever achieve this state for any extended period of time is not real. There's always an issue, there's always an opportunity to improve. The bottom line is that we shouldn't get too comfortable with both achieving this ideal state on our teams, as well as maintaining it.

Someone here is interviewing right now...

In fact, I'll maybe go against the grain here a bit and say that just when you *do* achieve this state of perfection--that's the time to take a hard look at your team and see where you can improve. Because I can guarantee you that while you are basking in the glow of constructing the perfect group of people, someone on your team is looking for their next move up or out.

That's not bad, by the way--that's great! We should want our teams to be mindful of their careers, to be looking for new opportunities to advance and gain new skills--that's our goal here--to grow the proverbial coaching tree!

So even as you construct the perfect org chart, always be networking and looking around for new talent to keep improving your organization. It's said that the best athletic directors in collegiate athletics always have a list of potential new coaches on speed dial when their coach resigns. Marketers should be the same way. Don't get complacent, and don't think that the perfect state will last. In fact, don't be afraid to shake it up yourself! Not just for the sake of keeping everyone on their toes but more so to keep you on your toes.

Always look to improve, always be ready for the need to replace--because things are never quite as they seem!

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