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Don't be Lazy--Take the Time to Personalize

It's super easy to write for the masses--find the common denominator and extrapolate out some examples and POOF you have a campaign that can appeal to the biggest part of the bell curve.

Or so you would think.

But as it turns out it's the early adopters that actually don't need the personalized touch. They're so eager for what you're selling them that they'll bite at anything. Heck, you may not even be selling to their market but they see a solution to their problem in what you're offering. So you take the order.

But in the middle, people already have something. They may not like it, they may think it sucks, but it's there. And if you're just trying to sell a better mouse trap to the masses, you'll likely fail at scale. Because what they have is good enough.

So it's actually in the middle part of the addressable market you're in that personalization is key. Knowing the customer's business pain. Knowing how to create some FUD and FOMO so they get a little anxious about what their nearest competitor is doing. Showing them why it's imperative that they do something now, instead of putting it off.

Take the time to dig in here. Personalize your message. Do the research on the customer, survey them, see what their employees think on Glassdoor. If they're a business, head out to Yelp or Google to see what their customers think of them. Visit them if you can--order their product, use their service.

Doing this will go a long, long way to connecting with the prospect and getting someone to engage with you. Forget doing another generic campaign with a 2% response rate and tons of ad impressions. They never work. Go the extra mile and make a connection and see your conversion rates shine. It really doesn't take too much to see the results!

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