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Enough is Enough

With over 9000 companies now occupying the martech landscape, it's far past the time where trying to understand what piece of technology to use next as a marketer. Companies in categories you didn't even know existed are reaching out trying to create the FOMO of a slice of an insight that you didn't know you needed but with a few marquee customers create the perception that you're missing out.

But with all due respect to maybe 8995 of these companies, especially right now, they're just not important. As we all start to think about getting back to work, you see article after article about getting back to basics, and indeed I've written about that as well. And that extends to your tech stack and technology strategy. Aside from any financial considerations (which may be the main factor in cutting investments back right now) the focus should be on the key 3-5 technologies that your team can use on Day 1 to engage with your customers in a meaningful and empathetic way.

And that doesn't mean that it's the same for everyone--you may need an intent algorithm to see what customers are truly back in the market for your products or services. Or maybe now that your phones are ringing again that chatbots can help you alleviate some of the phone traffic that wasn't there before.

So figure out what the critical few things are to help you, your team, and your company get back into the game and focus on optimizing those. Leave the add-on products to when you have something that's again repeatable and predictable and growing again and put your blinders on to focus on working with what you have and designing something that you can be proud of when all this uas passed.

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