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File it Away

I have this awesome list of bookmarked sites, articles, graphics, videos, you name it. If you're a marketer then you know that more often than not, someone else will have already thought of the idea you're trying to conjure up. But often times it's not the RIGHT time to use it. So get in the habit of filing stuff away--whether it's digital or on a notepad.

Oh THERE it is...I was looking for that.

I guarantee you'll find some great nuggets in there down the line you can use--whether it's for a campaign or a blog post. Something will hit you at just the right time when maybe a month of ago you would have blown right by it. So even if it's not the right idea for now, that doesn't mean that it won't be the right idea at some point. And when that point happens, you'll be glad that you saved it (and you may end up looking like a genius to your team and boss in the process!).

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