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Help your Friends

I had a chance to connect with an old work friend who was looking for some career advice recently. He's as experienced as I am so I'm positive I didn't tell him anything that he already didn't know, but the fact that he had a sounding board of someone who had been through the same battles as him was, I hope, helpful.

You've got a friend...

The takeaway was not to rush out and see if anyone needed my help. But it is to reach out to past colleagues and work friends and get in touch and see how they're doing. They may be going through a rough season at work and maybe your offer to catch up over the phone or coffee or something stronger was just what they needed to move forward.

Our industry and our role is such a highly networked one. The people you work with one day can be a referenced one year--you never know. That's why it's a great part of being a marketing leader to pay it forward and if nothing else, just listen to your friends.

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