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It's Worth it to Stand Out from the Crowd

I was listening to an old friend and vendor, Paul Mellor on the most recent episode of what's turning out to be one of my favorite business podcasts out there, Everyone Hates Marketers.

If you know Paul or his agency at all in the UK, you'll appreciate that he doesn't hold back and tells it like it is, often with the language we all use in closed door meetings but wouldn't dare to use in front of the board.

In any case, Paul made an excellent point that during an average day an average Londoner sees about 1000 advertisements. But upon surveying people on what they remember, they could recall only 11% of them.

These guys have no problem standing out from the crowd...

Which means that 89% of the marketing that is seen during the day is both unremarkable, and unmemorable--it's simply background noise.

Now--there are few professions where an 11% success rate would be reason for optimism, but as marketers that number doesn't probably surprise us as much as it would the average bloke.

But how do you become part of the 11%? This isn't a case for being noticed for the sake of it--but one level deeper--being noticed and actually *connecting* with the person or audience you're trying to reach--first, so they remember you, and second, so hopefully they'll want to learn more and buy your product.

So don't be afraid to take the risk and stand out. Not to trash all your brand equity and goodwill due to a prank or stunt, but so that you can break away from the crowd. Everyone says the same things today--we all promise value, ROI, more sales, cleaner skin--whatever we're marketing and selling. Do that and you're part of the 89% of the marketing spend that goes straight in the garbage (yea, just what the CFO wants to hear).

You're only going to get one chance to break free from the pack. Take a chance and make sure your messages stand out from the crowd. Get noticed and take the lead.

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