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No Bad Ideas...

You've heard it all before, in tons of brainstorming sessions. And truth be told, most of the ideas you hear *are* bad. But that doesn't follow that they're wasted. I've read some articles lately on the wasted time of brainstorming--"come with a plan, don't waste people's time" is generally the tone. And of course, no one wants their time wasted.

Not sure it takes all four of them but you get the idea...

But true brainstorming sessions are rarely a waste. If done properly, and if people do some homework first and know the goals or objectives of the session, they can be a huge reservoir of ideas for the future--aside from finding a great nugget of an idea to use now.

The key is in the prep. If you barge into my office and ask me for 3 campaign ideas, there's a fantastic chance that all 3 will be a joke. But give me a day to come up with 3 good ideas, there's a good chance that at least one of them can be a jumping off point to something we can use.

So give brainstorming a chance--in fact, schedule it in when you're kicking off a project. You never know who's been holding back an awesome idea and is just waiting for the right time to spring it on the team.

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