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Permanent Change

With the news that some states will start the long road back to recovery in the coming weeks it's time to start thinking of what the "new normal" will look like--to the extent that that's even possible for the industry you serve.

But importantly as marketers it's our job to think about how changes and shifts in the marketplace and for our customers will impact what we say and how we say it. Will customers still have the same need for our products after all this that they did before? Is there new or updated positioning that your product or service could benefit from that would better place you in the selection set for your prospects in a way that you wouldn't have previously been able to achieve?

When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange!

That's our job right now to figure this out. And its not to be trite or opportunistic or artificial, but be as authentic as possible, admit to and embrace the change that has occurred, and think about the new ways that you can help your customers solve a problem.

The companies that can figure out how to best do that and make it scale in the next 90 days are going to have a huge competitive advantage to their competition. It may not result in immediate sales and pipeline--after all, who knows how long and how uneven the recovery will actually be. But it will pay-off at some point for sure.

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