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Rocking through the Holidays

I know I wrote a post about downtime--and it's absolutely crucial as we all know. But there's other times where you can really pedal down while others (like the competition, inside and outside the office) are relaxing and catch up or get ahead.

We've probably all experienced the week between Christmas and New Years in the office when we didn't have vacation days to burn. I remember them as being really fun--we got a lot done, we had a ton of fun since there were a bunch of us in the same boat. Longer lunches, later arrivals, and earlier dismissals were the norm.

Lead feet welcomed...

But so were the reduced distractions. Without a ton of meetings, deliverables, and deadlines, you can not only stretch your mind and think, but crank out projects and initiatives that can help your new year get off to a great start.

Definitely recharge and rest--the next year is going to be a big one. But if you can get a few great days of work in there as well, you'll start on your front foot when everyone gets back to the office.

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