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The Comfort Zone

We love it, we crave it, we feel like we're doing our best work when we're in it.

But it can just as easily cause you to get stale, miss out on new opportunities that open up new possibilities, and ultimately, it gets boring.

It's often said that if your comfort zone is a bullseye, the real learning zone is one or maybe two rings outside of that. Any farther and our brains panic and can't process the change or the activity in front of us and we revert back to the middle--where we're comfortable and in control.

Make that middle part bigger and bigger!

The key as a leader and manager is finding the right time--and the right projects that are those 1-2 rings outside of the comfort zone not only for yourself, but for your team as well. They can't *always* be doing things that are new and strange to them--that's demoralizing and ineffective. But from time to time, push them--and yourself.

What ends up happening, as you likely know, is that your bullseye area, or your own comfort zone, starts to expand bigger and bigger. That makes you a better leader, but it also opens up a host of new opportunities for you--to take advantage of, and for people to see you as capable of taking on!

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