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The Coming Focus is on Quality

As we all start to figure out what the new "normal" is going to be, the pace and rate at which our prospects and customers re-engage with the world themselves is also going to change. Some will dive in with both feet, some will dip a toe. If you're marketing in one vertical you'll still have variance but more of a herd mentality, while in horizontal markets you'll have some industries come back faster than others.

No matter who you're marketing to, those first few interactions over the coming weeks an months need to be really well thought out, especially if your customers haven't been buying as of late. Like a freezing pool, few people are brave enough to dive straight in--they start with the stairs, maybe hang on the ladder, "ooh" and "ahh" as they walk around in the shallow end until they get warm enough to go full under.

Come on in, the water's warm!

Make sure your messaging and campaigns are tuned to this behavior. Generally speaking, that probably means more inbound listening to see who's searching around vs. aggressive outbound campaigns that create clicks and downloads (unless your product is one that customers MUST HAVE before the next crisis strikes!).

There's an old campaign tagline that I've always loved: "meet your customer in the moment." And I think with the coming changes we'll go through, it's never been more true. Figure out where they are and ensure you're there to meet them. If they're not ready to buy, you can't be selling to them. Be there to help, to educate, to answer questions, and yes, to prod forward. And most importantly, forget all the superfluous marketing bells and whistles that you might have been using before all this happened. Instead, focus on quality and be super precise and intentional in your marketing and you'll find your future customers.

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