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The Narrow Slice

It's no secret that weve become a nation of small tribes. And the ven diagram of overlaps and things we have in common with each other is continuing to shrink. Hopefull and maybe not as much on the big things (i.e. people who love their mom and love to nap--should be a big overlap!). But given all the choice that's out there, finding people of a common tribe is in some ways easier than ever, but in other ways, next to impossible.

That presents an interesting challenge for marketers these days--do you try to market to the masses and the largest part of the bell curve, or along the margins, where no one else is marketing? Increasingly I've found success and a ton of energy around finding that slice of customer that's being underserved. And in today's global economy there are more of them, they're easier to reach than ever, and more likely than not, they're waiting to hear from you.

You can always come back for seconds...

So if your campaigns are stagnating and you're seeing some diminishing returns from the same people who have helped you make your lead and opportunity goals in the past, maybe take a step back and see who's being underserved or not marketed to. You more than likely will find a small but concentrated base of prospects who would benefit from hearing your message, and as a bonus, you'll be the first one to speak to them in their language.

Can't ask for a better chance than that as a marketer these days!

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