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The Second Act

Proving you're good enough is a daily grind--some days are great, others test your will. But overall, when you're leaning in, invested in the outcome, and have a great team around you, there's not a lot that can hold you back.

Achieving that goal, getting that project across the line, and proving your doubters wrong is one of the best feelings there is. And often times, after you've gotten the result you're looking for, the best CMO's want to do it again. look familiar...

The nagging voice of doubt inside us may wonder if we can do it again. Maybe it was just a fluke--maybe it was luck, maybe it wasn't due to you but your team or people who bailed you out--"they" were the real brains behind the success you achieved.

Leaders are at their best when they can drown out the noise, and know that they have the skills and ability--and drive--to get back to the mountaintop. Getting back the 2nd time is in many ways easier--since you've been there before; but in more ways it's harder, because any goodwill from the first time is lost--because anyone can get lucky. The best are separated from the merely good by their ability to get to the top again and again and again.

Don't let anyone stop you from getting back to the top.

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