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Time to Clean House

As we start to things take on some semblance of returning to the new normal in the not too distant future, it's a great opportunity to ensure that as you and your team get out of your houses and get back to work that you do so with your house in order.

We've had a chance to do a good deal of spring cleaning over the past few weeks (home projects are really getting a lot of attention for obvious reasons!). And it feels good--even through we can't take things we're not using anymore to places where people can use them or even to the dump--to strip away some of the extra things we've accumulated over the winter and during quaranting.

You got time to lean, you got time to clean...

Having that same attitude with your marketing team, your programs, and campaigns, is key as you return to back to work as well. Don't come back to a mess--campaigns that you left in place, ads you forgot to turn off, website updates that you never got around to. Instead use these next few weeks as the narrative changes to get into some of those nagging projects at work you've let slide as you prioritized your COVID response.

Make sure you're aligned with your CEO and board on what your back-to-work message is going to be, and what "marketing" looks like to her/him, and to your team. There's still time for spring cleaning, and plenty of projects that you can dole out to the team (as well as taking on yourself) that can get you all on the same page and ready to roll when the opportunity comes--and it will!

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