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What Slice of the Market is your Pipeline In?

In the early days it's easy to find the early adopters who are looking for anything better than what they have today. Maybe they have nothing today--maybe what they have is so terrible that they can't wait a minute longer. Or maybe what you have is so amazing and new that they can't wait to get their hands on it.

But what happens when you get to the next slice of the market? The slice that has "something"--and maybe that something is good enough. Or maybe the competition has gotten wind of your great product and is promising that they have something even better coming soon so why should they move to your product or service.

Which section are you in???

That takes a different marketing skill, a different message, and a different approach, because the customers are different, their needs are different, and what it will take for them to move is different.

The best marketers know how to separate the two and to pivot accordingly. To get sharper on competitive intelligence; to come up with pricing and packaging that still provides separation between you and the others; and to rally their team and find the right skillsets to be effective at marketing to both segments.

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